Automatic door


1. Introduction

This project uses interlock function to achieve the automatic operation of the door.



2.   I/O list

Register Description
Y0 Open door
Y1 Close door
X0 Pressure pad
X1 Photoelectric tube in the door channel
X2 In the open position
X3 In the close position
T0 Open delay
T2 Close delay(to check if there is no one in the door channel)


3.   Project



4.   Explanation

When the door is open, X2 is ON, so Y0 is OFF. The door stays open until X0 and X1 are OFF. The delay of T2 is used to detect whether someone is following the first person. If no one follows the first person, Y1 is ON, when the door is closed, X3 is ON.
































Version: V1.0.0

Date: Feb 2017