Delay off circuit


1.   Introduction

This project uses a delay switch circuit as an example, which uses LD, LDI instruction and timers.


Figure 1

2.   I/O list

                                     Table 2‑1

Devices Registers Description
Button X0 A switch for light
Light Y0 Output for light
Timer T0 Timer to light ON


3.   Project


4.   Explanation

This project uses X0 as a button to turn ON light, Y0 as a output to trigger light, T0 (100ms timer) as timer for light ON.

When X0 set ON, trigger is set ON, and Y0 trigger the T0 work, when T0 up to 200 (20 seconds), T0 set ON, then Y0 is set ON.






























Version: V1.0.0

Date: Feb 2017