Extend module——the demo of LX3V-4AD

The LX3V-4AD special module has four input channels.The input channels receive analog signals andconvert them into a digital value.This is called an A/D conversion, the maximum resolution is 12 bits.
The selection of voltage or current based input/output is by user wiring.Analog ranges of -10 to 10V DC (resolution:5mV), and/or 4 to 20mA, -20 to 20mA(resolution:20µA) may be selected.
Data transfer between the LX3V-4AD and the LX3V main unit is by buffer memory exchange. There are 32 buffer memories (each of 16 bits) in the LX3V-4AD.
LX3V-4AD consume 5V voltage from LX3V main unit or active extension unit,90mA current of power supply.