Flow led



This case uses timer as time controller and outputs (Y) to trigger lights, it uses the flow led as an example.



        fig. 1                       


2. I/O list

Devices Registers Descriptions
Timer 1 T1 0-second timer;
Timer 2 T2 1-second timer;
Timer 3 T3 2-second timer;
Timer 4 T4 3-second timer;
Timer 5 T5 4-second timer;
Timer 6 T6 5-second timer;
Light 1 Y1 Trigger light 1
Light 2 Y2 Trigger light 2
Light 3 Y3 Trigger light 3
Light 4 Y4 Trigger light 4
Light 5 Y5 Trigger light 5


3. Project



4. Explanation

When the PLC is powered on, the M8000 is closed then drive the time relay T1-T6, and Y1-Y5 are sequentially turned on. When Y5 is lit for 1s, T6 is energized and the timer relays of T1-T6 are reset and do that over and over again.






Version: V1.0.0

Date: Jan 2017