High speed counter

1.   Introduction

This case uses encoder to record washing machine’s revolving turns.C235 is a high speed counter in this example.


2.   I/O list

Device Registers Description
proximity switch X0 Collect encoder signal
M20 Control C235 running
M21 Reset C235
C235 High speed counter(default is controlled with X0)


3.   Project


4.   Explanation

Proximity switch fix in the bottom of washing machine.When washing machine is revolving.Proximity switch will send a signal to X0 port.Then C235 will count one value.M20 can open high speed counter function which record the turns of washing machine.M21 can reset C235.

The detail information of high speed counter,please check the counter function in PLC user manual.





















Version: V1.0.0

Date: Feb 2017