Wecon App Smart

◇ No need to set any proxy servers, routers, or switches, simply connect one cable for Ethernet
◇ Grading management of multiple HMI, easy maintenance and operation
◇ A variety of access mode, easy to use
◇ Multiple users could access one HMI at the same time
◇ A secure connection

Product Description


1) What’s the function of PI8000 series HMI? (More detailed information please refer to help document)

  • It provides powerful configuration software;
  • It contains more beautiful gallery for programming, the screen format is WEB;
  • It supports secondary editing functions, users could re-edit HMI program basic on requirements;
  • It provides more device (PLC, meter, SCM) protocols
  • It supports USB WIFI, IP camera, USB camera, USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB printer, USB
  • Sound card and so on to meet users’ requirements.

APP1 (2)

2) What’s the function of APP?

  • Sign up account for remote access;
  • Sign up function for remote access;
  • Access HMI via APP anytime and anywhere;
  • The screen of APP synchronized with HMI screen;



  • Q: Which model could support remote access function?
    A: So far, only PI8000 and advanced could support it.
  • Q: What the methods to remote access function?
    A: There are three methods to remote access function, browser and WECON Smart App
  • Q: Shall costumers set parameters in router for remote access?
    A: No, there is no need to do any settings.
  • Q: Is there any requirement about browser for remote access?
    A: It requires browser could support HTML5.
  • Q: How many customers could remote access HMI at the same time?
    A: It supports max. 5 customers access HMI at the same time.
  • Q: Shall customers buy a independent IP for Internet access?
    A: No, there is no need to buy IP for Internet access, customers just connect PI 8000 Series HMI to internet, and all will work. And add the machine ID of HMI; customers could view the HMI screen.
  • Q: Shall customers buy Internet box for remote access?
    A: No, there is no need to Internet box.