Program——Program project via USB cable

1. General
WECON LX series PLC has two ports for programming. HID mode is used for mini USB port in new PLC to make the communication is more stable.
The PLCs produced after March 2016 use new mini USB mode, and require new WECON PLC editor (V1.1.0 or later). The old WECON PLC editor can’t support new PLC anymore, so please update your WECON PLC editor software.

2. Download mode
The FIG2 shows the new transfer setup windows.

2.1 In mini USB cable mode
If you are using old PLC, please select “Serial connection” and select the right COM number for PLC; if you are using new PLC, please select “USB connection (Best to use well shielded cable)”
2.2 In programming cable mode
Please select “Serial connection” and select right COM number for both old PLC and new PLC.