Reset all device

1.   Introduction

This case uses “ZRST” to reset many device(for example:traffic lights).Because PLC steps capacity is limited.ZRST can reset many device to save capacity. There is many lights.PLC will control these lights with Y0-Y17.ZRST can close these lights quickly.



2.   I/O list


Device Registers Description
X6 Set ON Y0–Y17
X7 Set OFF Y0–Y17
Y0–Y17 Control traffic lights


3.   Project



4.   Explanation

This case is a traffic lights control.X6 can set ON Y0–Y17.


K4Y0= Y0–Y17.

Moving 32767 into K4Y0 will set on Y0–Y17.X7 can reset Y0–Y17.If user use RST to set OFF one by one.It will waste many   capacity of steps.




















Version: V1.0.0

Date: Feb 2017