Two-way traffic lights at the crossroads


1. Introduction


This case uses PLC output(Y) as light control, and use traffic lights as an example.


Figure 1


2.   I/O list

Device Registers   Description
Red light Y0 Red Light 1
Green light Y1 Green Light 2
Yellow light Y2 Yellow Light 2
Red light Y3 Red Light 2
Green light Y4 Green Light 1
Yellow light Y5 Yellow Light 1


3.   Project

1                     1

4. Description

When the PLC is powered on and x0 is ON, green light 2 is lit for 10s, and blink for 3s after that→yellow light2 is lit for 2s and turned off→red light2 is lit for 12s and so on and so on.

When green light 2 is on/blinking or yellow light 2 is on, red light 1 is on, when red light 2 is on, green light 1 is on /blinking or yellow light 1 on).































Version: V1.0.0

Date: Jan 2017