After-sales Service

1. Warranty Scope

Warranty scope defined in this clause as follows:

1) WECON own brand Human Machine Interfaces, IPC、PLCs and PLC modulesV-box、VFD and Servo.

2) Other brand automation products that WECON represents.


Products outside warranty scope as follows:

1) Parts of Human Machine Interface, PLC and PLC module, such as communication cable, download cable, programming cable and SD card etc.

2) Software design service customized by WECON.


2. Warranty period

1) Two years for Human Machine InterfacePLCs and PLC modulesV-box、Servo controller

2) One years for IPC、VFD and servo motor.

3) The same to the warranty period prescribed by manufacturer for other brand automation products that WECON represents.


3. Procedure

1) Customers shall send the pictures or videos of defective HMI. The video must include clear label and serial number.

2) Our maintenance staffs will check the photos.

3) We will inform customers which parts need to be replaced and whether it needs charge.

4) Get new parts from maintenance department.

5) The replace parts will be sent with next order to customers.

6) We can free renovate parts within the warranty period if customers require.


4. The conditions outside warranty scope as follows:

1) The products are damaged artificially.

2) The products were disassembled without WECONs permission.

3) The products are no longer under guarantee.

4) The products are not used or installed in accordance to the instructions.


5. Shipping fee

If the products need to be returned to factory for repair, shipper shall afford shipping fee irrespective of whether the products are within warranty.


6. Repair price

As for products outside warranty scope, we only charge minimum maintenance costs. If without repair needs, customers can also prepare some parts for routine maintenance according to their own needs.