Remote Operation--All Under Control

WECON V-BOX and PI3000ig series loT HMI transmit the data obtained from mechanical equipment to WECON V-NET.No matter how many devices there are,you can bring them all in one platform.By using the V-NET APP,you can easily get Unattended Operation,Device Management,Remote Commissioning and Data Connectivity.

Device Management

Even if there are thousands of devices, you can quickly locate them by mapping on V-NET; V-NET's Device Template frees you from repeated parameter configuration, and V-NET's Role Management allows you to hand-over the management of the devices to employ

Data Connectivity

WECON V-NET integrates OPC Tool and HTTP API, which conveniently provides data access for third-party systems such as ERP, SCADA, MES, etc

Unattended Duty

V-NET presents on-site data truly and objectively, so that staff do not need to be on-site

Remote Commissioning

Remote commissioning and downloading of PLC and HMI projects

Data Collection--Connect Devices to IIoT platform

Wecon V-BOX Cloud Mode is able to build communication with 300+ various PLC types, and connects to platforms by HJ212 protocol, MQTT, OPCUA (in developing), etc. Lua script can easily achieve the description of protocol and assist the connection between d

System Integration
Large Screen Display, Interconnection Between Devices

With the fast development of the IIoT, users have higher requirements for automation system integration projects. The on-site data collected by WECON V-BOX can help users to perfectly display the overall status of the project through large-screen display 

WECON V-NET Gateway Architecture

Five Major Measures to Ensure Security

Data Security

To use the world's top cloud server providers such as Huawei or Amazon, WECON promises not to use or share user data

Communication Security

To prevent communications proactively from being eavesdropped and hijacked, and to avoid leakage of user information

Access Security

To block user operations which is improper or probably caused dangerous; To verify user ID and remind users to protect personal information

Platform Security

To prevent unauthorized devices & users from accessing the platform; To prevent user data from being used or accessed without authorization

Hardware Security

To Identify and reject unauthorized access requests to prevent the gateway hardware from being illegally copied. To Confirm the control request sent by the platform to ensure the safety of device communication

WECON V-NET Gateway Functions

Edge Computing-Powerful Lua Easy to study, flexible for using and high efficiency

Characteristic Functions

Device Management

Easy configuration, easy to use; accurate positioning and quick search; authority allocation for easy management

Global Servers

Three major nodes of V-NET in Beijing, Bangkok and Frankfurt covers global service


The main interface of platform supports Chinese and English. V-NET supports up to three languages and could be switched freely

Edge Computing