VM Series

The VM series VFD is an economic type  VFD which is  smaller size, easier commissioning and the flexibility makes it easy to be adjusted in parameters to control various mechanical equipment.

1. Small size, saving installation space;

2. Compatible with guide rail, easy and quick to install;

3. Multiple protection mechanisms, safe and secure;

4. 0-400Hz output frequency range;

5. 150% overload for 60s.

Single-phase 220V: 0.75-2.2kW

Three-phase 220V: 0.75-15kW

Three-phase 380V: 0.75-400kW


VB Series

The VB Series VFD is a new  high-performance vector frequency inverters to serve general-purpose that further enhances stability and reliability through hardware upgrades and optimization. It is best choice for complex applications.

1. SVC Control Mode: Maximum Output Frequency 320Hz

2. VF Control Mode: Maximum Output Frequency 1000Hz

3. Excellent Braking Function

4. Superior Control Performance,Optimized PID function

5. Random Carrier Function

6. Short-circuit protection in power-to-GND

7. Support speed mode and torque mode,low speed with high torque output

Single-phase 220V: 0.75-2.2KW

Three-phase 220V: 0.75-15KW

Three-phase 380V/415V/440V: 0.75-400KW