Machining Assembly

Mechanical manufacturing process generally refers to the parts of the mechanical processing process and the machine assembly process total, other processes are called auxiliary processes, such as transportation, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance, etc. . A process is composed of one or more sequential processes, and a process is composed of a number of steps.



Packaging machine as an automatic continuous packaging equipment, widely used in food, medicine, daily use and other industries on the automatic production line.


Food & Beverage

If food machinery enterprises want to achieve sustainable development, they must encourage the industry to upgrade technology and realize intelligent and automatic production. With more and more automation, less and less of a demographic dividend, and more and more health concerns, the food machinery industry can't wait to automate production.


Textile Printing&Dyeing

Textile Industry in China is a highly labor-intensive and highly dependent on foreign industries. China is the world's largest producer and exporter of textiles and clothing, the sustained and steady growth of textile and garment exports is essential to ensure China's foreign exchange reserves, balance of payments, RMB exchange rate stability, social employment and sustainable development of the textile industry.


Woodworking & Building materials

Wood processing has become a stable process system, the degree of specialization has been increasing. The application of computer has played an important role in the innovation of wood technology, the transformation of wood processing industry systems, as well as the development of wood based panel production processes and product design engineering.


Machine Tools

CNC machine tool is a kind of automatic machine tool with industrial control system, which can solve the complex, precision, small batch, multi-variety parts processing problems, is a flexible, high-efficiency automatic machine tool, mechatronics engineering represents the development of modern machine tool control technology and is a typical machine tool.


Electronic Manufacturing

 The degree of automation of electronic equipment is a symbol to measure whether a country is an electronic manufacturing power. Electronic manufacturing equipment includes semiconductor equipment, optoelectronic equipment, electronic components equipment, SMT equipment, PCB equipment, environmental test equipment, anti-static equipment, ultrasonic equipment, purification equipment, laser equipment and other electronic general equipment.



•The cold storage system mainly consists of Compressor,Condenser,Diffuser,Humidifier,Co2 pump.

•The temprature is controlled by compressor, condenser and diffuser fan.

•Humidity is controlled by humidifier

•Co2 is controlled by Co2 pump.