Wecon IoT HMI PI3000ig-C Series


Based on basic function of HMI, ig HMI is a new IoT HMI which could be connected with V-NET. HMI project could be programmed by PIStudio, including general HMI functions. At the same time, ig HMI can also be connected to V-NET after configurating locally. Users can manage ig HMI and V-BOX indiscriminately through V-NET. In this way, ig HMI can use V-NET functions such as: Device Management, Alarm Notify, Data Record on cloud, Cloud SCADA, APP, etc.



Easy Access to V-NET

·Alarm data and important messages can be pushed to WECHAT public account(Chinese only) or specified email address;

·To upgrade the firmware of ig HMI by V-NET;

·To update the configuration project of ig IOT HMI remotely by V-NET PC tool;

·The real-time data of ig HMI can be presented as Cloud SCADA on V-NET, and can also be combined with other HMI or V-BOX’s data to form a new SCADA projects;

·Device Management, Multi-Users Management, Map monitoring, etc.

Remote Access to HMI’s Local Screen

·To design ig series HMI by using PI Studio, easy to copy and paste by other existing HMI projects;

·Default with Ethernet port, optional for 4G/WIFI;

·Remote access to ig HMI screens on V-NET or APP.


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