Statement on Unauthorized Company or Individuals Selling Wecon Products on Various E-Commerce Platforms


Dear Users and Partners:

In order to avoid the dissatisfaction that could come with buying used, damaged, or unofficial Wecon products, and to protect the rights and interests of Wecon users and distributors, Wecon hereby declares that:

1. Wecon Technology has never authorized any company or individual to sell Wecon products through Taobao,Alibaba, AliExpress and other online platforms, and any distributors on the E-Commerce Platforms are not officially authorized by our company.

2. For all products purchased through informal channels, Wecon does not provide any after-sales and technical services. The loss caused by this shall be borne by the buyers.

3. Purchasing from unofficially authorized channels will include but not limited to the following risks:

1) Encountered fraud by unauthorized merchants, and the product cannot be delivered after payment;

2) Facing the risk of fake,defective and used products;

3) Unable to obtain good after-sales services such as training, technical support, and free upgrades;

4) Unable to enjoy Wecon's product warranty and local maintenance services.

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