2 * Thermal Resistance Input;

2 * Analog Output (4~20mA)

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Power supply24VDC±10%50mA; 5VDC±10%, 70mA (Powered by PLC host)
Temperature input (TC)
Analog input signalThermocouple: K or J type, 2 channels (CH1, CH2)
Range of rated temperatureK: -100 - 1200 J: -100 - 600 
Digital outputK: -1000 - 12000J: -1000 - 6000
12 bits total
AccuracyK: 0.4 J: 0.3 
Overall accuracy±0.5%
Conversion rate50ms
Conversion characteristicsimage.png
Analog output (DAI)
Rated range4~20mA: 0~2000
Analog outputDC 4~20mA (the external load resistance is no less than 500Ω)
Digital output12 bit binary
Resolution8uA [4~20mA / 2000]
Precision±0.5% of full scale
AD conversion timeOne PLC scanning cycle
Input characteristics

The external load is 250Ω and 0-2000 is converted to 4-20mA


InsulationNo insulation in each PLC channel
Occupied pointsNone