WECON HMI and PLC in automatic sterilizer


A automatic sterilizer widely is be used in medical, pharmaceutical and other industries.Some special occasions require higher quality of the air in the space,So people must carry out disinfection and sterilization of the working environment, to ensure the normal medical and scientific research.Usually people use automatic sterilizer to disinfect environment. Sterilization device has the advantages of simple operation, good sterilization effect.

1.Liquid level control: the disinfectant is stored in the liquid storage tank. When the equipment is working properly, it must ensure sufficient disinfectant and install liquid level detection device
2.Air source control: to ensure adequate air supply and discharge the vaporization of disinfection liquid into the air.
3.Metering pump: add disinfectant to the evaporator
4.Evaporator: the main requirement is that the evaporator temperature is constant,to ensure the normal vaporization of the disinfectant


Type selection:LEVI-700E,LX3V-1616MT4H-A,LX3V-4PT,LX3V-4AD。
1.Levi-700E is used to realize the operation of equipment,data adjustment and monitoring.
2.LX3V-1616MT4H-A+LX3V-4PT+LX3V-4AD can realize external input signal to control 4 step metering pump,temperature andand humidity acquisition, liquid level measurement
3.The step metering pump mainly controls the amount of liquid add to the evaporator every time
4.The evaporator mainly vaporizes the sterilized liquid
5.The air pump mainly discharges the vaporized disinfection gas into the air, so as to achieve the function of space disinfection
Advantages: LEVI-700E HMI is intuitive response and easy to operate.
LX3V-1616MT4H-A,can control four step motor at the same time, 4 way high speed pulse, high output frequency, high control precision
LX3V-4PT,LX3V-4AD can collect 4 temperature, read 4*analog and high resolution

III.Program brief introduction (partial screen)

1.Main screen:This screen is main screen.It mainly shows the working flow and the current working state of the 4 way sterilize

2.Parameter screen:This screen mainly set the parameters of the device.

3.running parameter screen:This screen is mainly to monitor the operation parameters of the equipment

4.Single machine debug screen:This screen is mainly for the device can be single step, mainly for debugging equipment

5.Data record:This screen records the parameters of equipment running and adjust the parameters of the query time for each period of time to view, also available USB derived.

PLC part
PID control

IV.sum-up of project

1.high speed pulse output

2. PID temperature control

3.after analog output,to calculate the conversion of the range

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