Power Battery Management System - Intelligent Training Platform

I.Brief Introduction

Power battery management system - intelligent training platform. The teacher will set some faults on the power battery system, and then the student conducts troubleshooting on the workbench, in order to enhance the students' understanding of the electric vehicle power system.

II.Process Requirements  

HMI communicates with the power battery through Modbus, and reads the corresponding current, voltage, temperature and other data. The teacher logs in the HMI to set the topics. Students check the question on the HMI, go to the workbench to check the faults, and return to the HMI to answer.


This system uses WECON HMI model PI8070, PLC LX3V-3624MT, modules are LX3V-16EYT transistor output module and LX3V-4PT temperature module


HMI Program

1.Main Page

The main page displays data such as current, voltage, temperature, etc. which is acquired from Power Battery by RS485 communication. The users can log in here.


2.Faults Setting Page

Each time five problems are set, the external circuit is controlled by PLC to realize the failure of the training platform, the students conducts the troubleshooting in the platform. 

Circuit Faults Setting Page

Battery Faults Setting Page

Battery Faults Answering Page

V. PLC Program

The temperature data is read by the LX3V-4PT temperature module, and the data records the temperature change of the 4-way power battery system.

There are five fault conditions in the battery fault, leakage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overcharge, overdischarge. In the pull-down menu, use data register address D300 to record the fault type, use D400 to record the 12 batteries faults.

The battery faults answers, the correct answer will trigger M70, otherwise it is error.


The system can be applied to the school's power vehicle answering system. Teacher can set the corresponding power system failures and students can check and answer questions through the training platform. They can also use the LAN function of the PI series HMI to display or demonstrate on a large screens.

The combination of practical operation and online answering provides teachers with a richer teaching method, and also deepens students' understanding of teaching knowledge and greatly improves the quality of teaching.

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