Application of VB in Centrifugal Cement Pipe Making Machine

1. Industry overview

Over the years, most equipment manufacturers in the cement industry have mostly used electromagnetic speed regulation, which consumes a lot of energy. High-performance and low-performance cement products continue to enter the market. These energy-inefficient devices are running all the time, consuming a lot of electricity. Therefore, the rapid development of frequency conversion products has also been accelerated, and the pain points of the original equipment have been solved.

2. Process Description

Centrifugal cement pipe is one of many cement products. There are various production processes. In order to ensure the uniformity and compactness of the wall thickness of the cement pipe, the most common production and processing process is the centrifugal molding method. Centrifugal molding is to inject the finished concrete into the mold cavity. First, it is stirred at a low speed. After stirring evenly, the motor speed is increased to a medium speed.

3. Electrical Control Diagram



4. Parameter Settings 

ParameterDescriptionSet ValueRemarks
F0.00Control Mode1V/F Control 
F0.01Start/Stop Source1Digital Input Terminal(External Signal)DI1
F0.03Main Frequency Source2Analog input Terminal AI1
F0.18Acceleration Time200200s
F0.19Deceleration Time200200s
F1.11DC Braking Frequency at Stop4Activate DC braking function at stop in 4HZ
F1.14DC Braking Time at Stop5DC braking function lasts for 4s
F4.00V/F Curve Option1Multi-point V/F curve
F4.04V/F Voltage Point 113V/F Voltage Point 1=13%
F4.06V/F Voltage Point 216V/F Voltage Point 2=16%
F4.08V/F Voltage Point 325V/F Voltage Point 3=25%
F5.02DI3 Terminal Function Option3Three-wire Running Control
F5.16Terminal Command Method2Three-wire Running Control Mode 1 

5. Program Features

1. The startup mode of VB is stepless speed regulation mode, which reduces the impact of high current on the motor.

2. Utilize the VB multi-point V/F curve function to meet low speed torque and reduce energy consumption.

3. Use VB stop braking function to increase system stability and improve efficiency better.

4. The VB itself has protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss, etc., which better improves the safety of the equipment.

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