Application of VFD in Musical Fountain

1.Industry overviewEdit

Fountain is a dynamic art landscape. In recent years, with the improvement and upgrading of urban construction, fountain art has achieved unprecedented development. Many fountain projects have been built successively all over the country, especially in public places for residents' leisure and entertainment such as parks and tourist attractions. They not only play a role in beautifying the environment and heightening the atmosphere, but also have the functions of adjusting the climate and attracting tourists to watch, and are generally loved by people. This article mainly introduces the composition of the music fountain system, the application of the frequency converter in the music fountain control system, and the application requirements of the music fountain for the VFD.

2. Process DescriptionEdit

The use of VFDs in waterscape fountains was originally to avoid the bluntness of water-shaped movements; later, the output frequency based on VFDs can be adjusted steplessly, so that the height of the water column of the fountain fluctuates with the level of music. In today's waterscapes, frequency converters are more widely used, especially in large-scale musical fountains. A frequency conversion matrix may use hundreds of VFDs to form one after another and ever-changing water body shapes.


3.Parameter SettingsEdit

PrameterDescriptionSet ValueRemarks
F0.01Start/Stop Order Source1DI teminal
F0.03Main Frequency Source2AI terminal
F0.18Acceleration Time0.3
F0.19Deceleration Time0.6



4.Solution FeaturesEdit

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