Application of VB Series VFD on Uncoiling Machine

1.Industrial OverviewEdit

The uncoiling machine is a machine that performs a series of processing operations such as uncoiling, leveling and shearing of metal plates.

2. Process flow and Control RequirementsEdit

This series of production line is used to roll metal or other materials of different specifications into flat plates of required length and width after uncoiling, leveling, setting size, and cutting. It is suitable for processing cold rolled plate, galvanized plate, color coated plate, stainless steel plate and other plates.

3.Electric DiagramEdit


4.Parameter SettingsEdit

ParameterDescriptionSet ValueRemarks
F0.01Start/Stop Order Source1DI Terminal
F0.03Frequency Source6Multi-Stage Speed
F0.18Acceleration Time1.01S 
F0.19Deceleration Time1.01S
F1.11DC Braking Beginning Frequency at Stop5.0
F1.13DC Braking Current at Stop80.0080% Rated Current
F1.14DC Braking Period at Stop10.010S DC Braking
F4.00V/F Curve1Multi-point V/F Curve
F5.00DI1 Option01Forward running (FWD)
F5.01DI2 Option02Reverse running (REV)
F5.02DI3 Option12Multi-stage Speed Command 1 Terminal
FD.01Multi-stage Speed 120.010HZ
FD.51Multi-stage Speed Command 0 Source6Keypad Potentiometer

5.Program Features

1)The system adopts VB high-performance VFD, which can start and stop the equipment quickly and stably. It has the characteristics of large starting torque and small impact on the power grid, especially for the reliable guarantee of long-term operation.

2)All-round protection function: VB has overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss protection, which greatly improves the safety of the system.

3)VB optimizes the braking curve, increases the system stability, and can better improve the equipment output.


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