What is Remote Pass-through

Machinery and equipment products are sold throughout the country or even worldwide. In order to facilitate transportation and packaging, some machinery needs to be disassembled and then installed again in the factory. And also, most of the machines need on-site parameter debugging after installation, so the manufacturers have to send their own electrical engineers to the site for machine commissioning. But pass-through function makes it possible for PLC remote commissioning through V-BOX.

V-BOX Passthrough Way

Technical Principle of V-BOX Passthrough

V-BOX Remote Serial Port


The principle is to construct a secure and stable virtual private network (VPN) between computer and PLC. It allows programming software to pass the obstacles of gateway and router to realize direct communication with PLC.

High Availability of WVPN

WVPN has servers deployed in Beijing,Bangkok,and Frankfurt(Will deploy more servers in the world in the future).It allows users to select the fastest WVPN SERVER worldwide,WECON will spare no effort to build high availability for WVPN,remote pass-through.

High Security of WVPN

*All data transmission channel is encrypted by SSL/TLS;
*Mutual certificate authentication (PC, WVPN SERVER and V-BOX digital signature and certificate mutual recognition);
*All Valid certificates to ensure the maximum security;
*Independent between Devices: All pass-through devices are not visible to each other;
*Dynamic Pass-through Principal: Users can set their own pass-through rules to prevent from malicious use;
*Blacklist and Whitelist: Guarantees the independence, security, and manageability of each device.