What Can ig Series HMI Do?




ig IoT HMI can transmit the data abtained from mechanical equipment to Wecon V-NET Cloud server. We can create a new Cloud Scada that is different from the hmi screen, besides connecting the screen to the platform. we can create a new dashboard platform that is different from the screen as well. Real time data, alarm data and historical data are used to create more on V-NET Cloud Scada.This has to be said that you can sit and write from a coffee shop without having to directly interfere with hmi.

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Using Wecon WVPN tool, engineers can make remote computer programmable, remotely update and revise HMI and PLC program by Ethernet port.

We can take care of thousands of clients across the country at the same time, no need to travel to the client, no need to see the the machine, waiting for experts to travel long distances to save both parties.

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Users can access V-Net via V-Net Access PC Software and V-Net Access APP (Android & IOS), if the PC have using the same network as the HMI, you can also remote monitoring and control the HMI via HMI's IP address on your PC via Google Chrome.

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By making LUA Script and creating MQTT connection, the data on the HMI can easily send to the 3rd party Platform/Server such as database/private server (MES/OEE system), cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, Google IoT Core, Thingsboard, Grafana etc; connect to other APP and notify the data or alarm such as Telegram and Line* (developing).

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