LX5V Introduction


Faster: 0.01us~0.03us execution speed;

Supports larger program capacity: 48,000 steps;

Supports the highest baud rate: 921600;

Supports 8 channels external interrupt, and support both rising and falling edges;

Supports 100us high-speed timer interrupt;

Supports up to 100 high-speed counting interrupts;

Supports E-CAM;

Supports electronic gear;

Supports efficient and stable PID and CCPID self-tuning;

Supports IO module and analog module of LX 3V series;

Supports BD modules of LX 3V series (Communication BD module not supported now).

8 Channels High Speed Pulse Input

LX5V comes standard with 8 channels high speed counter (HSC0~HSC7 for 8 channels). The maximum counting frequency of the 8 channels single-phase high-speed counter is 150KHZ, and the maximum counting frequency of the 8-channels AB phase high-speed counter is 100KHZ. This high-speed counter is executed by hardware, and will be more efficient and faster.

8 Channels High Speed Pulse Output

LX5V comes standard with 8 channels high speed pulse output. The maximum output frequency of 8-channels high-speed pulse output is 200KHZ, which can modify the frequency and number of high-speed pulse output during operation(targeted positions). LX5V PLC realize equipment working with high speed, precise and reliable pulse control in a cost-effective way.


More Registers

64KB latch area;

76KB of data capacity;

Added 128 timers of 0.1ms;

Added 128 timers of 1ms.

Software Advantages

Based on Wecon PLC Editor, LX5V programming software is optimized and upgraded to be easier configuration, clearer program classification and parameter configuration. Multi-segment scanning program, multi-event program, multiple subroutines and multiple interrupt programs are added.


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